Monday, March 23, 2009

Come and Get it!

I recently responded to a note on Facebook written by my friend, Erin Simpson. She is an artist whose blog can be found here, and whose artwork can be purchased here. We met and were roommates at SCAD, and she was the person who introduced me to bookbinding. Again, thanks for that, Erin!

So, back to this note! Here is an excerpt from what she wrote:
For the first SIX people who reply to this note, I will make and send you something. You never know what you might get, it could be a doodle, a painting, a t-shirt, a little creature made of clay... It could be pretty much anything, but it will be something creative and something that I will make especially for you.
My version of this varies slightly. I will use the True Random Number Service from to select six people from however many have responded (in the form of a post comment) by March 31st. The other variation is that, while you never know what you might get, you can bet that it will be some variation on the theme of paper, board, thread, and glue!

When your numbers are chosen, on April 1st, I will send you a message to let you know that you were selected to receive a "delightfully handcrafted object" from me, and I will request your address. Time will do the telling, and I will send you something at some point in the future! My guess is that you'll get your treat after the rest of our wedding thank-yous have all been sent!

Part II of the note is as follows:
The rules, as I have learned them, are that if you reply to this note, you then have to post a note like this yourself and make things for the people who reply, thus continuing the chain of creativity, giving, sharing, and awesomeness.
And not to worry if making things is not your particular cup of tea. You can participate by thinking of other ways to pass along the creativity, like writing awesome messages for people, baking, or just sending a cool thingamajig that you found in your closet or under your bed.
My variation on part II is that you should make a similar posting if your post comment is selected, no pressure if your comment isn't selected!

The photos in the post are a mix of some Japanese Stab bindings that I made around the time I was living with Erin (center image) and thank-you books that I made for my Swedish friends before I had to leave them and return to the states this past summer. The thank-you books (top and bottom image) are decorated with Swedish papers and imagery from places and events that we attended together. Inside is a recipe for a snack bar that I made to share whilst there, a special note, and my contact information.

So, make a comment and I'll make something for (6 of) you in return!


  1. Ooh, look, I'm the first one! I hope I win!

    Also, I'm stealing your idea for a beautiful craft-centered blog. I think this is pretty much the coolest thing ever. Hope you are well!


  2. I certainly wouldn't mind a boom box bindery original to compliment the journal, for which we were lucky enough to receive the most wonderful instruction. Sure am glad we didn't stain Josh's screen. Can you imagine how devastating that would have been? That birdie must be one of the greatest creations of all time.

    Hope date night was superb.
    love han

  3. Thank you for reposting! I like your variation and the fact that you brought the Facebook chain over to your blog. Thank so you so much for the links to my sites, too!


  4. WOw! Thanks for participating in my giveaway!! I would like to join yours too! For the surprise and for the thrill too!!


  5. This is a really neat idea- I always loved watching you do the bookbinding when we lived together! What a fun way to inspire people to make and share their crafts!!! :)

  6. Hi Monica! So cool to see your new work! Hope all is well with you and Josh.

  7. I love the thank you books you made in Sweden! What a great idea. You have a quiet, thoughtful way of showing people you care that I so admire.

  8. I found your blog through another blog, which was through another blog and comment and blog. Spending too much time on the computer can lead you just about anywhere. Your books are wonderful. I would like to join the giveaway and look forward to paying it forward and doing a giveaway of my own.

  9. I'd like to toss my hat into the ring. (Although since I really like my hat, I'd rather hold onto it and just say "I'm in!")

    AND SO: I'm in!

  10. Hey, if reidsrow likes it, who am I to argue? Count me in -- your work looks really fun!

  11. great idea, count me in! kevin spacey and haley joel osment would be proud!

  12. hi hi. i'm in, too. hope you're doing well!

    ... now, what will i give away???

  13. Hello lady.

    hope this one gets through. I will talk to you soon I am sure! :) I think it's so great you are doing this, as always, I am impressed.


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