Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Handmade Winners

This morning I took a trip over to and generated my six numbers. Drum roll, please... In order, the numbers that came up were:

4. djStoreRoom
3. erinsimpson
8. Christina & Tyler
6. Kate Jones
2. Hannah
1. Emily

Congrats to you who won and thanks to all who entered! I loved having people comment on the blog, it was sort of like getting people to sign a school yearbook! I'm certainly looking forward to figuring out what I'll make for you six! It's fun that it's a mix of people I know really well, kinda well, and not at all! I'll get in touch with you soon for your contact information and I'll definitely post photos of what I end up making after the goods have been sent.

Two items of note before I sign off. Last night I was delighted to see that I made my first sale on Etsy! My purple perennial miniature book earrings will be on their way to Colorado today!
And second, today is the day we get the keys to our new place, which means time to set up the bindery/work room again! Thanks to Glenn who will be moving all of the HEAVY stuff with Josh this weekend! Here is a before photo of the model apartment. I'm thinking I'll set up my bench near those windows, and can't wait to organize things in that big closet!


  1. Thank you very much Monica, this is my first time winning a contest!!! I am so excited!! Congrats on the sale!! The first sale is always so sweet!! And, wow.. The apartment looks really neat and cool!! Cant wait to see your work room when its completed!!

    Thank you once again!!

  2. Congrats on your first sale!!!! That's so exciting! I'm still waiting on my first one. Do you know how the buyer found you?

    Thanks so much for including me in the contest! I'm looking forward to receiving one of your beautiful works of art. My favorite color is magenta. I like anything in the red or purple family, and lately teal (like the necklace in my banner/profile picture).

  3. Your apartment looks really cool! Love those windows!

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