Friday, April 3, 2009

Workroom Layout

Last night we moved a truckload over to our new apartment. As I was unloading boxes, Josh took all of the measurements of our work room. When we got back home he took measurements of all of the things that need to fit into that space and then created this helpful turn-around using Google SketchUp.

View from the entrance

View from the windows

Clockwise starting at 6 0'clock: Josh's drafting table, entrance door, Josh's bookcases and desk, my bench and peg board on the wall, my sewing table (12 o'clock), Kutrimmer, another table and more peg board (my book press and potential future kwikprint will go on this table), book case, door to closet with ample storage space

In a couple of weeks we can see how the real pictures compare to these! I won't be taking any aerial shots, but in the meantime these sketchups will be so helpful for moving furniture this weekend.

Now, this isn't about the new work room, but it is about free stuff, so read on!
During the past couple of weeks I've discovered a few different sites that have introduced me to new artists, blogs, and giveaways. I've had a bit of giveaway mania lately and have entered quite a few. In the spirit of the giveaway I'm going to share all of the sites I've commented on, and you will in turn realize how much time I've spent on the internet! is the main site I found, where the community blog is chockfull of posts highlighting different artists, as well as a giveaway or two. These are the ones I found through
1. An ArtFire giveaway for a bundle of Eco Friendly/ Earth Day products hosted by Risky Beads, entering that one takes a little time, but it gives you a chance to see what some neat shop owners are selling. My favorite is Not Moira. While her cards crack me up, I don't know how many I could actually send! Risky Beads has a great interview with her here. Enter by April 7th.

2. All you have to do for Joanna is join her facebook page and leave a comment on her blog for a chance to win one of her lovely photo prints. The chances are pretty good so far, I think I'm the only one that has commented, and you have until May 7th to enter.

3.You have until April 9th to comment on the blog of Jacaranda Designs Jewelry for a chance to win a pair of truly sweet, Sweet Pea Green Pearl Earrings. Just visit her etsy shop, choose your favorite item, and tell her about it in a comment on the blog.

4. Another pair of earrings is waiting to be claimed at Shop By Hand. Pretty Cheap Jewelry is featured with their Cinnabar Earrings giveaway. Same procedure as earrings above, contest ends April 15th.

5. And now for my favorite so far! Unfortunately, the opportunities are over for this one, but it was exciting to me because I won something! Patricia Snow posted an opportunity to play a game. She invited anyone to take a look at her Art Shoppe on Etsy and search for her illustrated note cards. Scattered throughout her shop were listings for 3 different cards, all you had to do was find it and she'd send it to you! Check out her shop for some really sweet illustrations. There's a panda on my free card :). When she posted the winners on her blog, Patricia included an image from each of our shops. It was fun to see my tea time book in a new location. Thanks Patricia!


  1. Google Sketchup is awesome! I have used other online tools to do similar room arranging, but none have been 3-D or allowed for different views of the room like this. It looks like your new studio is going to be great! I can't wait to see the pictures of the real thing.

  2. Your room plans look amazing! Can't wait to read the progress report.
    -Carolyn in Gig Harbor, WA
    (it is raining right now)


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