Monday, July 20, 2009

Through The Viewfinder: Kodak Duaflex

Amidst a week of custom jobs, quotes for new projects, and building my inventory for this weekend's craft fair, I've been having fun playing assistant to my husband for his photography endeavors. Our friends Lisa and Sarah, designers and owners of Orange Blossom Ink, are in need of some photos for their website and promo materials, so they turned to Josh to get the job done. We scouted out a few locations this weekend, and yesterday was our photo session.

My self assigned job was to carry equipment and props, as well as to provide entertainment and pose our lovely models. I'm sure the photos will be featured soon enough on either Josh's or OBI's blog, so I just thought I'd share these images of a fun piece of equipment that Josh used.

Josh has quite a collection of older cameras and has been toying with the idea of trying Through the Viewfinder, or TTV photography. He did some research, and I'll leave the technical bits to him, but voilà! he made that contraption to fit over his Kodak Duaflex! I helped a little bit by making the portion on top so his digital camera rests safely and snugly on the box while the lens maintains the proper distance from the Duaflex screen. I used a ruler, bone folder, and an Olfa, which goes to show that I try to use my bookbinding skills as much as possible!

These photos, taken with my point and shoot camera, were from the mouth of the cereal box contraption. One with flash and one without, to show what it actually looks like inside, and give an example of the affect achieved through the Duaflex lens. Pretty neat, huh?

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  1. i wish i had a better working knowledge of photography....i've always been interested in it, but never took the time to actually "study". too much time spent in the studio making books, i think! and....i really enjoy your posts on the BEST blog....those olfa blades are great! thanks for your nice wishes on my blog today....i really appreciate it! :)


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