Monday, August 31, 2009

B.E.S.T. Back to School Sale

Remember back to school shopping? Those were the days! I still feel a little jolt of excitement whenever I roam the school supply aisles or step into my mom's kindergarten classroom. Oh, the smell of crayons, pencils, and Elmers glue, and the sight of new folders and name tags! Nothing like a fresh start.

September will be here tomorrow! What's that you say? You're feeling nostalgic and think you'd like something new to celebrate the new school year?? Well... you are in luck! Starting tomorrow, the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team is having a sale! September 1st through 7th, many members of the team are offering free shipping and special sales.

The following shops are offering free shipping; BoomBoxBindery(that's me!), Anticovalore, Swirling Tree , notubóc , LizzieMade, flurrsprite, Re:Paper, Anagram for Ink, BadonHill, its all just menagerie, Nina Judin Books, Kristin Crane, SusanGreenBooks, OliveArt, UsefulBoooks, and MyHandboundBooks. KarleighJae is offering a buy one get one 25% off, and Parkside Harmony, PrairiePeasant, and Robyn's Art are offering 20% off.

Click away, happy shopping, and everybody have a great start to the new school year!

By the way, that's one of my original Pee-Chee folders, pictured above. About half of the people I know have never heard of them. Sadly, they are no longer in production, and while I had my share of Lisa Frank folders, my Pee-Chees are most treasured. Have any school supply memories to share?


  1. oh, i'm with depot is one of my favorite hang-outs! and remember how our teachers used to make us put covers on all of our books (we got extra credit if we did it the first week of school!)? i had so much fun designing my own book covers....i'll bet you did too! hey, maybe that's how this whole love for book binding got started....hmmm!

  2. Office Depot is so great, Lori! I spend half of my time putting things back on shelves that were hastily grabbed as must-haves!

    You've got it with the book covers! While others groaned, I couldn't wait to go home and cut up those paper shopping bags!


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