Monday, August 17, 2009

Custom Boxes for Piper Photography

This is round one for a series of custom boxes I have started for Piper Photography. I will be making an assortment of sizes in this pretty blue and a poppy orange that accommodate 5x7s, 8x10s, and photo discs.

Piper Photography is owned by Lauren Ustad, who happens to be a college friend of mine! She takes amazing portraits of children, expectant mothers, and some of my favorites are her photos of pets and pups. If you happen to live in Alabama, get in touch with her, and you might just be one of the next recipients of these custom boxes! Lauren will be adding her own finishing touches to the boxes, which will make them a complete Piper package!


  1. That is a lovely color blue! Reminds me of the beach ^_^

  2. Love the boxes! Did you make the labels or did you get them custom-printed? I'm trying to sort out the whole label deal for myself.

  3. Thanks TJ and Elissa!

    I made the labels by creating a file with hundreds of my little logo, and then I printed them out on the same paper I use to print my shipping labels. Then I just cut them into strips, and whenever I want to use one I round two of the corners, then peel and stick! So far this works pretty well for me.

  4. Lovely colour and I can see that the box itself is beautifully made. The recipients will be lucky to get such a professionally made box to store their photos. Nice to see people who care about their product working together.


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