Monday, August 10, 2009

Custom Order from Start to Finish

Last week I had a request for some custom book earrings with an earth tone color palette. I sorted through my papers to find a variety of appropriate colors, took photos, and sent the above image to my new client. I really love the patchwork of all of the swatches. Number 8 in the center, a rose patterned paper by Debra Glanz of Reminiscence Papers, was the favorite.

After I finished making the earrings, I made a sturdy four flap enclosure, or box, for them. Next, I wrapped the little square box with matching paper and also mounted it to the front of a gift tag. After the box was tied with ribbon, it was slipped into a bag with the gift tag and one of my business cards.

Last came protective padding and packaging made out of an inside-out macaroni box! So there you have it, a custom order from start to finish!


  1. I love the book earrings! I've just awarded you the Karma Friends Award on my latest blog post. You can pass the award on or not, whichever you like, but I know many people just aren't into awards. I think it's an opportunity to tell my readers about blogs I enjoy, and yours is one of them.

  2. I love the color palette...what a great variety of papers! Being a paper nerd, I'm curious about #5 & #9, what countries are those papers from? Or did you make them?

  3. Carol, thank you so much! What an honor, I really appreciate it.

    Thanks Teddy :)

    & Elissa, let's talk paper! I'm not sure what country #5 is from, but it has a very waxy feel. At first glance it looks like some sort of resist dyeing is going on, but in fact, the black is a repeat pattern printed on top of the greenish paper which glows like stained glass when held to the light. #9 is Swedish Marbled paper, and the color application/texture reminds me a bit of Marblesmith papers by Pam Smith.

  4. how fun!! and i have no doubt that the recipient absolutely loves her new earrings!! i even like your first photo with all of the paper swatches....very cool!! :)

  5. Aah that looks cool! Nr.8 would have been my favorite also ^_^


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