Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Custom Wrapping, Stamping, and Dear Friends

I made this simple bag and card to complement the very special gift inside. This gift, to be revealed after it is given, was commissioned by a dear friend of mine for a dear friend of hers.

The fabric is an Amy Butler print, the paper is a rose colored Fabriano Tiziano, the ribbon is from my stash, and the gold stamping is by Wendy Withrow, who happens to be another dear friend!

As I'm saving up for my very own Kwikprint or Kensol, Windy Weather Bindery has been the provider for all of my hot stamping needs. Thanks Wendy!


  1. i LOVE the presentation!! this must be going to a very special friend indeed!! :)

  2. This looks great! I'm so glad to see the end result. It's been so much fun collaborating with you, my dear friend.

  3. Beautiful packaging. I think it makes such a difference, showing care to the very end of the project. Thanks for your lovely note on my blog!


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