Monday, September 28, 2009

Edge Colored Business Cards

In July, I joined a group of Orlando area creative professionals for a meet-up hosted by Anna Bond of Rifle Design. Please visit Trisha Hay's blog for a great summary of the day. She's the one who brought us all together.

Anna arranged for a tour of Mama's Sauce Print Shoppe, where we got a good feel of what they do and how the shoppe runs. One of the gals, Fiona of Anavi Ink, who is thinking about having the edges of her business cards colored, was curious about my gilding capabilities, and later let Nick of Mama's Sauce know that edge decoration is in my bookbinding arsenal.

Nick got in touch a few weeks later, and voilà, about 600 business cards with colored edges! These cards belong to Chris Heavener, the editor of Annalemma, a very cool literary and arts magazine. Head over to Chris's blog for a post about the original printing of these cards, and a post featuring some process photos of the edge coloring.


  1. i have never seen this process's fabulous monica! and what a great group of artisans right there in your neighborhood!! so glad you had a chance to get together and share your expertise!! :))

  2. These came out great Monica! You really get the full effect seeing them all together in the box! xo. Lisa

  3. Thanks Lori & Lisa!

    It is really wonderful to have all of these creative people close by.

    I agree, seeing the cards all stacked together is pretty fun :)

  4. These turned out great, Monica! The colored edges really add a nice touch to a well-designed card. They are lovely!


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