Monday, September 14, 2009

Love & Memories

Here are some photos of the special memory book that was hidden inside a gift bag that I featured a couple weeks ago. The bride-to-be received her gift and was married a day or two later! Best Wishes Ashley!


  1. That looks really lovely! Especially the colors! That is a wonderful gift ^_^

  2. It is lovely and a very cool binding, is it a stab binding?

  3. Thanks TJ and Kiley!

    It is actually a screw-post binding. So, stabbing was involved, but it isn't sewn!

    Also, Happy Belated Birthday, Kiley! Hope it was great. :)

  4. Thanks it was a great day!

    Coincidently I just received a box of screw posts from Talas to play with last week! When I finally catch up on folio's I'll have to see if I can work on out-it looks great for a cook book structure!


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