Friday, September 18, 2009

Neverending Thread

I struck gold at Disney's property control a few weekends ago. All of those large spools on the table were a just a dollar! The white and yellow spools on the windowsill were finds from the same place a couple months ago. The tiny (normal sized) spools in front are just for reference. If you're a cast member, and you're in the area, there are probably plenty left.

These could have come from anywhere in Disney World, judging by the color scheme I'm going to guess that all this thread was used for costumes either somewhere in Animal Kingdom, or Adventureland. I will probably use it for various projects on my sewing machine and for endbands. I wonder how many hundreds of endbands all of that thread could produce. Yeesh! If you need any of those colors, let me know, I just might have some to spare!

Property control is a magical place. It consists of two buildings, one for damaged items and things that have been long lost in the parks, and another for overstock and things around property that aren't needed anymore. You can even find old vehicles and machinery. Whenever we go, I head for the section in the back where I usually find something I can use in the bindery.


  1. boy, you're not kidding!!! you hit the jackpot!! i didn't even know that a place like property control sounds like a fun place to go rummaging! :))

  2. This just reminded me of your Tweet about dreaming of becoming a Disney princess. Now I think that what you had was a premonition about getting princess thread.

  3. When do you know about when the "property control" at Disney is open etc? Sounds really cool! What exactly is it?

  4. Oh! I would love to browse there!!! Lovely colors you've found! I

  5. Thanks for your comments!

    That is too funny Elissa! I think you're absolutely right!

    Dawn, I'm pretty sure it has regular business hours, but you just need a cast member to go with you. It's located behind Magic Kingdom - a trailer for cast members only, and then a larger building that non-Disney employees can enter. Shoot me an email with any questions!


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