Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fishy Flag Book

Here are some photos of the flag book I made for the Bookbinding Team Swap in September. Here's a link for the entry about it over on the team blog, and here's a link for all of the books involved.

I've been working on a diagram to illustrate how I attached my button and closure thread, and will post it later this week.

I loved setting this little book in the sunlight and observing all of the shadows that danced around it.


  1. Hey Monica! How are you? WOW!! This looks really cool! Is it difficult to make? It does like it haha! You are really good. Take care ^_^

  2. A very cool book! And your photography is wonderful!

  3. Hi TJ! Thanks! It's not difficult if you have good directions!
    Here's a link with information on flag books; http://www.bookbindingteam.com/2009/06/flag-book-tutorials.html

    & dear Laura, Sarah & Lisa, thank you for your kind comments! :)

  4. Thank you!! I will check out the links asap! It really looks so cool ^_^


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