Friday, December 18, 2009

Some Embroidery & One Year Down!

I started this blog a year ago yesterday, and I'm pleased as punch to say that I stuck with my 2009 resolution of posting at least once a month! Almost fifty posts later, dare I resolve to post at least twice month next year? Seems to be a safe plan... we'll see! I have a couple weeks to decide!

It has been a very busy month. I'm working hard to finish up projects for clients, as well as my own holiday projects. The photo above shows two embroidery projects that I finished a couple months ago. One was a gift for my mom's birthday, and the other was a "congrats on your engagement" present for my brother and his fabulous fiance. It was my first try with embroidery and it was so much fun! My friend Lisa and I had seen the lovely embroidery by Jessica of MiniatureRhino on Etsy, and thought we'd like to give it a try. Lisa has embroidering in her blood, and takes part in her family tradition of embroidering quilt squares for the family quilt each year. She kindly taught me a couple stitches, after which I had a hard time putting my needle down! I even embroidered a book cover for the BEST Halloween Challenge!


  1. congrats on your one year blogiversary!! your embroidery is wonderful, and i know that the recipients appreciated all of the the love that went into such a special gift!! :)

  2. Congratulations on a year of blogging and on keeping your resolution to post once a month. I'm impressed. I have completely neglected my blog as of late, so maybe I will have to take a lesson from you in the new year!

  3. Belated happy blogiversary, and all the best for the next year!

  4. Lori, Wendy, & Hilke,

    Thank you for your kind comments! All the best to you and your blogs in the new year, too!

    Embroidery Update: My parents gave me a neat embroidery book called, "Doodle-Stitching", for Christmas, and there are definitely projects that I'd like to try - I see some stitching in my 2010 future!


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