Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! & Santa's Bookshop Part One

Happy New Year One & All!
It was a busy December in Santa's Bookshop (as Boombox Bindery came to be known during the holidays!), so I have lots of things to share! The wrapping above was for the books below, that were ordered by a friend for some of her special coworkers.

Each book is a long stitch with a wrapper cover. The pages are perforated for easy note taking, and each cover was made to match the personality or interests of the recipient. The top left cover is a Snow & Graham paper enhanced with some decorative stitching. Centers of several cranes on the Japanese paper on the top right were cut out to reveal kanji underneath. I had enough material left to recreate the polka dot/flower combo that was originally used for one of my handmade giveaway books. And finally, on the bottom right, some gorgeous Claire Maziarczyk paste papers. Lori of Elvie, does that hand look familiar? My friend and I were inspired by your heart in hand!


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