Friday, January 22, 2010

Paper Swap!

On Tuesday, Jen of A Red Pumpkin Studio posted about her love for paper. She posed a question to the bookbinding team curious if anyone would be interested in a paper swap. I sure piped up! And here it is the end of the week and it's already in the works! Thanks for organizing it, Jen :) Above are my 9"x12" papers that I'll be sending for swappage! I've included some favorites & am crossing my fingers for good swap karma.


  1. Ooh, pretty! I'll have to get myself organized and get some paper together for the swap, too. I certainly have enough to choose from.

  2. What a wonderful idea!!! How do you go about doing this?!

  3. Niko, I hope you do! It'll be fun to see all the papers people end up contributing!

    Dawn, it was organized through our Etsy Bookbinding Team. Are you a member of any Etsy teams? They're so great. :)


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