Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Book o' Buttons!

Couldn't get enough of my button jar the other day when I was demonstrating this type of coptic binding! More views of the book can be seen in my Etsy shop.


  1. waaaay cool!!! love, love, love the buttons....and your coptic binding is gorgeous, too!! :))

  2. Cute! Buttons are fun! Where do you take your pics?

  3. Thanks Meg, Lori, and Dawn!

    Dawn, I generally take my photos in the bindery where I have a spot that hasn't been taken over by a project! In this case, for the background I taped one end of a piece of paper to a wall near the windows, and let the other end just rest on a table. This photo uses a combination of both natural and lamp lighting.

  4. oh you put those buttons to good use! looks adorable.

    lets go scavenging for more buttons and embellishment treasures!

  5. Thanks Lisa! Now that you're back home we'll have to make a Renningers date! Can't wait :)


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