Thursday, February 4, 2010

Secret Quilting Part Three

Now here we have fitting scenery for a quilt! I took photos of this quilt the day after Christmas at my in-laws' house. I finished the binding during our car ride up there, so that's why this one didn't get the volleyball court and pool glamor shots!

This quilt had a pretty different look from the other two since I used a darker background fabric. The alternating border strips stood out quite a bit more than the others, since the flowers were such contrasting fabrics.

I was so pleased with the binding fabric I found at Quilter's Cove. My favorite part about this blue was how it was a bit more bold and framed the quilt so nicely.

Above is a close up of my stitching in the ditch. This is something I first learned a couple years ago from my Aunt Joyce. When I started the quilts I put my aunt in the position of secret keeper! She's an amazing quilter and I thought it would be helpful to have such a guru in the know, in case I needed help! It was especially fun, because I got a sneak peek of the lovely quilted table toppers she made for her sisters (my mom included) for the holiday!

 How great is that porch? It wraps around almost three sides of the house!


  1. Another beauty! That is an amazing accomplishment--I doubt that I could finish 3 quilts for gifts in such a short time unless everything else in my life stood still.

  2. I am SO VERY impressed, Monica! All three are beautiful, but I especially love the one for your brother and sister-in-law-to-be. Are you taking commissions? I would really love to have a quilt for the crib. Maybe we should have a little talk about that soon...

  3. Thanks Laura & Wendy!

    Oh yes, Wendy! I'd definitely love to take commissions, especially for something sweet for your baby! Let's talk! :)


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