Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunshine & Raindrops: Treasury Features

This little address book that I made recently was kindly featured in two Etsy Treasuries.

The collection above was curated by a gal named Cassie who makes clever baby and bridal gifts.

This collection was curated by an Etsy seller named Katrina who sells really fabulous accessories.

What a pleasant surprise it is, to find out that people are stumbling upon my shop! I am in the midst of so many projects right now that it is easy to forget that there is life beyond the bindery walls! Some really neat projects have found their way to my work bench and I'll get to share some of them later this month.

It's a beautiful day in Orlando, I hope you're all enjoying this first week of October wherever you are! Perhaps your days are full of orange and blue?


  1. Beautiful! And you are on the front page right now!

  2. Hi Laura! How exciting - I didn't know that treasury made it to the front page! That's a first for Boom Box Bindery :)


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