Monday, March 22, 2010

New in the Shop

In preparation to leave the country, I've been catching up on emails, making my to-do lists, and crossing things off bit by bit! Meanwhile, these photos are of two books that are new in the shop this week. The photo above is of a single needle coptic stitch cover with paper from Chena River Marblers, with a closure using twine and buttons from my vintage button jar.

This coptic uses the four needle stitch and is covered with some of Claire Maziarczyk's beautiful paste paper and a vintage transfer of three happy radishes! Aren't those little veggies darling?

The marbled coptic would be good for drawing or journaling, and the radish coptic would be good for writing in metallic pen or using photo corners to make it a miniature photo album.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mission Accomplished: Guest Books & Exciting News

Voila! Three earth friendly looking guest books! I've obscured the logos on the front covers, but otherwise, that's just what they look like. I finished them on Friday morning, so I had plenty of time to turn them in before their afternoon deadline.

Ollie kept me company, and thankfully a squirrel kept him entertained, so he wasn't chasing paper around the bindery!

Here is a shot of what I use for my job backer (the contraption that holds the text block in place while the shoulders are formed). Gilding boards with binders board support strips are set securely into a lying press. I use a jewelers hammer and a fender hammer for rounding.

It had been a while since I'd sewn an endband, and it was fun to get to do six of them!

 Now for the biggest news of all! On Wednesday Josh and I found out that we'll be relocating to Paris for 3 months! He leaves on Friday and I'll join him the first week of April after I finish up projects in the bindery. It's just now sinking in that this is really happening. I didn't have time to think about it while I was working on the guest books, so it's been a great weekend just daydreaming about all of the things we'll get to see and do in the next couple of months. Me-oh-my!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Calm before the Quiet Storm

I have a big day ahead of me! Within the hour, printed pages for three textblocks will be delivered to my door and I'll spring into action so they can be bound and sent to California on Friday. Mind you, springing into action means doing various quiet activities like folding, sewing, gluing, and only a bit louder - cutting.

So before my flurry of binderly activity begins, here's a tranquil photo of a tiny, fully resolved book that is happily resting in the sun in the bindery. And with that, I can start my day with an accomplishment! Blog post: check!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Boxed Book Set To Be Auctioned

This boxed book set will soon find a new home with the highest bidder! It will be up for auction this Saturday at Our Lady of the Lake in Seattle. OLL is where my mom teaches Kindergarten. The pictured set will be bundled with a set of my handmade cards as well as a little pair of miniature book earrings. The fine Seattle Stationer, Silberman / Brown, donated an elegant boxed pen that fits into the side pen compartment.

The box is covered with green and blue Asahi bookcloth while the inside trays are lined with the decorative Japanese paper that also accents the covers of both the box and the coptic book. is the very thorough website dedicated to the auction. Last night I spent quite a bit of time drooling over the many items and packages that will be there this weekend! If you're in the Seattle area, head on over to the Yellow Section to bid on item 1091!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Oreo Button Book

This was my Sunday morning project. I had my jar of buttons open, along with all of my tiny supplies for making book earrings, and my fingers just went to work making this tiny coptic with button covers.

The pages are a thick cotton paper. After tracing the button size onto the paper I cut them out with my olfa blade, stacked them together, and then sanded the edges.

The covers are about 28 mm in diameter, so they're a bit bigger than a quarter.

I used one piece of thread and two needles for the binding. Aside from being used as the closure, the brown thread is also used to cinch the threads together where the covers meet the spine, otherwise they were sort of free-floating.

Now what do I do with it? Maybe I'll use it as a button sketchbook. I'll pull my favorites out of the jar and capture them in graphite!