Monday, February 21, 2011

Cecil's Magic Yellow Pants: A Custom Project

Recently, I had the opportunity to be a part of a family's special project. A grandmother had carefully illustrated a series of flat watercolor pages to create a delightful story for her granddaughter. It was my task to take the flat sheets and hinge them together so I could bind them into a book.

The book is about a real cat named Cecil who has a patch of yellow fur that makes it look like he's wearing pants! These pants make anything possible for this fun-loving cat, however, it is revealed that the pants aren't magic, nor are they even real! The moral of the story is that being special and doing special things comes from within. Don't these illustrations make you smile? I just love Cecil on his magic carpet!

It almost looks like a duplicate, but this smaller version of the book was made so grandmother could have her story on hand when the grandchildren visit! This version was made using scans of the original illustrations.

Thanks to Cecil's family for including me in your special project! It was a pleasure!


  1. wow amazing work! i love how you designed the cover. custom orders are so cool.

  2. Thanks Stephanie! :)

    Hi Q! Since the illustrations were on thick watercolor paper I used tiziano on one side, for it's thickness, and Japanese tissue on the other.


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