Thursday, February 17, 2011

Monogrammed Pocket Notebook

 The book above is the gift I gave to my Valentine on Monday night. The card underneath is an oldie from a Current catalog, it was fun to put my colored pencils to use! By the way, it's true. He really is tops!

My Valentine is great at filling up little sketchbooks, and really enjoys those made by Moleskine. I must admit, I do too. I especially like their city notebooks and went through two of them in Boston, and one in Paris. I thought I'd try my hand at making this nice little size, complete with the elastic closure.


  1. SO cool! what a lucky valentine! :)

  2. This is beautiful! Would you be willing to share how you attach the elastic to the back of the book?

  3. Thanks gals!

    Sure, Ellen! I'll see if I can describe it:

    After I covered the case, I cut slits into the board (on the cover side) that were the same width as my elastic. I turned the case over and cut lines into the board so I could peel thick strips up and remove some pulp (the same thickness as the elastic) from the center of the board thickness. I threaded the elastic through the cover and glued the ends into the channels I had created and then glued the peeled board back down on top of the elastic.

    Then I cased the book block in and crossed my fingers! This was my first time using the elastic, so I'm letting my husband be the guinea pig for a few weeks before I trust this solution completely!

  4. Thanks Monica! I completely understand your description. All of your things are lovely.


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