Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Racing Rivals, Illustrated by Josh Holtsclaw

Image courtesy of Amazon and my talented husband
My husband illustrated a children's book and it's on shelves today! Hooray! We called ahead just to be sure, and we're headed to Barnes and Noble tonight to pick up a few copies. I'm excited to take one apart and fancy it up into a hardcover version.

I'm writing from a new city! We moved to Kansas City, MO about a month ago and have been settling in quite nicely. The bindery is almost in tip-top shape and I have a few projects under my belt in the new space. I've had my camera out and have been snapping away, so I'll have plenty of photos to share in the weeks to come.


  1. Monica! Amy told me Josh illustrated this book! How cool. My nephew loves loves loves Cars so i'll definitely buy this for him. Hope Kansas City is nice! Best, Joe

  2. Joe! So great to hear from you! Kansas City is pretty great. I imagine that Boston is still fantastic! Thanks to your nephew for loving Cars! I miss you guys :)

  3. Yippie! We are going to have to head out and pick this up! The boys love Cars, especially James, he is a major car guy for a 3 year old! Right now he is napping with McQueen and Doc in each hand. I just think Josh is amazing and it will be fun to have a book that we have a personal connection to. Re-binding it sounds like a special way to commemorate it and preserve it!!
    love ya!
    -Carolyn in Gig Harbor

  4. Going to be picking up a few copies for the nephews who are INFATUATED!! Thanks Josh!!

    ::High Five::


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