Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hallmarket 2011

Hallmarket was all day yesterday and it was a grand ol' time! About a hundred Hallmark artists presented their personal work for the public, and Josh and I got to be a part of it. He had some of his posters printed and designed a few patterns that we had printed on fabric to use on a variety of bindings.

It was fun meeting new people and being surrounded my such a great group of artists! We still have a few things left, so we're thinking Josh is going to open up shop and start selling online in a couple of weeks. For a closer look at the patterns, feel free to visit Josh's blog.


  1. The drawings of you two are ADORABLE. I hope sales were brisk

  2. Thanks! I loved those drawings that Josh did, too! I'm planning on hanging them in the bindery :)

  3. How adorably ADORABLE!!! I'm sure you had LOADS of fun! And what an experience to have in a creative environment like that!

  4. Thanks! It really was fun, and it was neat to see such a great variety of well made goods!


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