Saturday, August 18, 2012

Project Sneak Peeks & News

While things on the Internet front seem to have ground to a halt, work in the bindery has been full steam ahead! I've probably seen about forty bindings go out the door since my last post. Many of them were multiples of the same book, but there was a nice variety of interesting projects mixed in there too! Some of those are in the photos above and may deserve full posts at a later date. 

It has been a fun, busy summer. With trips to Boston, Daytona Beach, and Portland, it has felt like a real whirlwind. Also, for the last five months I was a Creative Assistant at Hallmark. It was such a neat position. I would go in a couple days a week to help create mock-ups of greeting cards, books and packaging. Just a lot of fun handwork and a great way to meet new people and add some extra social interaction to my weeks!

Photo by Tim Fleenor Photography, taken at Ashlee & Chris's wedding!
That's all past tense because of some news that I have to share! My husband and I are moving to Portland, Oregon next week! Josh accepted the position of Graphic Designer at LAIKA, the amazing animation studio, that just put ParaNorman out into the world. If that wasn't cool enough, my parents just moved to Portland last year, and I can't wait to hang out with them on a regular basis!
We've truly loved Kansas City and working for Hallmark has been such a great opportunity for both of us. It had to be something as star-aligned as this to move us. It's a total dream come true, and we couldn't be more excited!

So, after I finish one last project, the bindery will be closed for about a month while we find a new place and get settled in. I'll be able to start finishing any new work in November. Feel free to contact me with project ideas or questions if you'd like to get the ball rolling on something.



  1. yay!!!!! i'm totally coming to visit. all the time. it's only 10 hours away or something! portland seems like a dreamy place for bookbinding, too. i really admire all you've been doing with your home bindery! good luck moving, and if you pass through provo and slc on your way to portland, i can give you a bed to sleep in at hotel thomas!

  2. Well, I definitely like the sounds of that! Come on up! And, I'll head down there, too. Hopefully in just a couple of months. Thanks Q! xoxo


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