Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Big Friend Co.

The latest folding and sewing that I've been up to has been for Big Friend Co. and I couldn't be more pleased about it! My husband, Josh, and I put a name to our design studio this year. It seems like we've always had a company, working together on this and that, but the time came to put a name to it and as it is said, hang out our shingle.

The bulk of our work is of the freelance variety, including children's books, posters, album art, and some motion graphics. If you follow this link you'll be treated to a full page of Josh's illustrations. Understandably, I am the most partial person you'll ever meet when it comes to his work, but I really think you'll like it!

In addition to this freelance work, we thought we'd like to make some of our own products. This was born from the idea that there were some things we wished we had, and perhaps other people might like those things too! To start with, we've made some fun journals and card sets. Follow this link to take a look at what we've made! And this link to keep up with the Big Friend Co. blog!